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Deluxe Sea-view King-size Room


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Unlimited business opportunities; devise strategies within a command tent

No matter important banquets, meetings, wine parties and any other social activities, the luxurious facilities and professional service staff that Jiulongcheng Hotel owns can make your meetings and banquet activities more excellent. The Hotel has an International Banquet Hall, a Longsheng Hall, a Yuehai Ting and 3 different kinds of meeting rooms, with elegant environment, well-equipped facilities, and indoor sound insulation devices; all are equipped with indoor projectors, screens and air conditioners etc. Learn More

Joy of Feasts

It assembles top tastes from both the east and the west together, while leading a new trend of the whole city's catering. Owning an indoor catering venue of 4000 square meters, it can accommodate over 1000 people to repast simultaneously; there are the luxurious International Banquet Hall, the splendid Longsheng Hall, the Yuesheng Hall for buffet, the midnight restaurant Yuehai Ting, the exotic Wine-savoring Club, the Air Beer Garden, and the 11 luxurious private rooms with different styles. All are decorated with a noble style. Whether it is a business meeting or a high-end banquet, they can offer you the supreme enjoyment. It is the first choice for businessmen, travelers and local citizens to dine and have fun. The food provided by the hotel will make you feel like being in a paradise of cuisine in the world, where you can enjoy the gluttonous pleasures. Learn More

In the Name of Love·Love Never Ends

Jiulongsheng Grand Hotel has a professional Wedding Service Center, providing the one to one love service for every newly-married couple. Here, you can get services related with the wedding feast and the bridal service. Let us do work of the trivial details of the wedding, so you can save time and effort and can be free from worry, and have more time and energy to experience the sweet and warm wedding! Learn More

It is covered with green and luxuriant profusion of vegetation here

The hotel is equipped with mahjong room, fitness centre and other health and entertainment facilities, and you can enjoy a quality time with both movements and tranquility without walking outside. There is a Hanging Rose Garden in the 6th floor, which is green everywhere in the garden at sight with a wild profusion of vegetation. What's more, the air quality of Weihai is high while the environment is graceful and clean, which is surrounded by mountains and water. It has a pleasant scenery and the "Seawards Platform" extended from it to the direction of sea gulf is of luxuriant green, making people raise their eyebrows. Learn More

Weihai is circled by sea on three sides, and has four distinctive seasons

It owns rich tourism resources with more than ten styles like islands and coasts, urban gardenings, historical sites and folk customs. Along the coastline near 1000 kilometers in the country, there is the birthplace of the China's first modern navy—Liugong Island, Chengshan Mountain which is the "end of the world—Oriental Cape of Good Hope where the First Emperor of Qin visited, Shengjing Mountain which is the origin place of Quanzhen School of Chinese Taoism, Chishan Fahua Institute which concentrates the friendship among China, Japan and South Korea, the Swan Lake which is the biggest place for swans to rest in Asia and Tiecha Mountain which is the beautiful scene in Great Orient. Moreover, three sides of the area where the hotel lies surround the sea. The area has a mild climate and beautiful sceneries. It has the typical continental monsoon climate of the north warm temperate zone, with humid and sweet air. The change of the four seasons and the advancing and retreating of monsoons are obvious. The area attracts a large number of domestic and foreign guests to visit its beautiful offerings every year. Learn More
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